Hello, and welcome to my site! I wanted to use this first post as an opportunity to share a little bit about myself and why I created this space.

This website is a combination of all of my passions; yoga, writing, photography, and blogging. I’ve been pursuing these paths in different ways over the course of my life and I decided it was time to merge them into one. During my junior year of college I realized I could no longer pursue a career that I didn’t want to wake up for, and so I began to explore the things that did make me want to wake up. From an early age so many ideas are put into our heads of what we are “supposed” to do, what a career is “supposed” to look like, what successful is “supposed” to be, but ultimately what I discovered is that none of that really mattered if I wasn’t happy.

So I became a yoga teacher, I changed my major to creative writing, I started doing freelance photography. I started embracing who I was and going down the path I had always wanted, but was too afraid to admit to the world. And I freaking love it.

My number one goal on this site is to be authentic and create a community. The biggest thing I’ve learned through reading and writing creative non-fiction, and teaching yoga, is that we all have a lot more in common than we think, and that no one is ever alone. When I was growing up I always wondered if there were any people like me, and if there were, then where were they? I never talked about how I felt because I believed that no one else felt like me. But as I got older I realized that was not the case at all, so many people feel pain, failure, anxiety, confusion, etc. But not many want to talk about it.

That’s why I am here. To talk about it. To share everything, even the stuff that doesn’t make the highlight reel. Even the stuff that nobody claps for. I’m clapping for it, because the more we share, whether it’s our biggest dreams or deepest fears, we create a connection. I definitely don’t know everything, or even close to it, but I do know that for me the ways that I’ve been able to create these deep and meaningful connections have been through yoga, writing, and photography. It’s different for everyone, but I believe the first step is sharing in whatever way you know how.

This website is me. It’s the gorgeous sunset photos, and the blooper yoga photos. It’s the funny day to day stories, and the hardships along the way. It’s not perfect, but it’s real. And I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Love Always,

Olivia BeatonComment